How ALVI Works

ALVI captures and kills viruses, allergens, dust, mold and other harmful particulate by creating a polarized field. This field binds the microparticulate together, deactivates the viruses/bacteria and traps them in the filter. The result is cleaner and safer air for your environment.


Air Automation For Your Home

ALVI uses light emitters and sensors to detect precisely when your filter needs to be changed and will notify you through your homes WIFI network. ALVI also provides data and alerts on indoor air.


Best-in Class Air, Without The Energy Costs

ALVI filters use low pressure drop media reducing strain on HVAC systems compared to traditional MERV filters and high efficiency systems. Your home will heat up and cool down faster while extending the life of the air handling system.

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HVAC Filters, Second to None

When ALVI was tested against traditional MERV filters and HEPA systems, ALVI outperformed accross the board. The result was cleaner air, lower energy consumption, and longer filter life.

Why Volatile Organic Compounds Matter

VOCs are harmful gases that are emitted from a variety of household materials (carpet, paint, furniture, cleaning products etc...). These materials release VOCs into your air for several years. 

ALVI reduces VOCs in homes by 46% 

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ALVI Tackles Mold

Mold spores are a common and potentially  harmful allergen found in many homes. Side effects of mold include headaches, fatigue, asthma and more.

ALVI was found to reduce mold spores by 99% compared to traditional MERV 8 filters.

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Tested. Certified. Trusted.

ALVI's performance is third party verified by independent labs, research and whitepapers. ALVI's electronics are CSA Certified and meet all FCC regulations.